"I've been shopping here for years and it just gets better. The selection is awesome! The store-made kimchi is the best ever and there's a nice variety. I would never buy rice anywhere but here."

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We provide in-house prepared foods like Kimchi, Tofu, rice-cakes for soups and Korea’s famous tteokbokki, Dumplings, beef bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, and Sirutteok. We also have variety banchan, side dishes to eat with rice, such as pickled products, and fresh seasoned vegetables.

We grow our own kongnamul, soy bean sprouts, and sukjunamul, mung bean sprouts. This is the freshest in town.

Are you looking for fresh sushi products for your dinner? We have all the ingredients and products for your sushi dinner.

No matter your level of cooking, amateur or experienced, we have almost all the ingredients for your Asian cooking recipe.

Gift Certificate available for your friends and family.

Please, come visit us often, for we are constantly working on improving and implementing new product lines and services on a regular basis.


2737 Erie Blvd East, Syracuse, NY 13224

Phone: 315.446.7801

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